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They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab But She Said ďNo, No, NoĒ

08.31.2007 - The New York Times

British singer Amy Winehouse is back to the Ďole booze and blow grind and this time itís for real. At least, more for real than last week, or the week before that, or even earlier this month when she canceled her entire North American tour slated to start in the middle of September. In fact, this time itís so real that Winehouseís father-in-law issued a public statement calling on fans to boycott her music in a last ditch effort to get her and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, sober. As reported in The New York Times, their parents fear that they will very likely die from drug abuse if they donít seek medical help for an assortment of addictions including crack and heroine.

Phew. At least she has a good excuse for looking like ass all the time; can you really fault someone for looking crappy if they smoke crack cocaine? Unfortunately, Winehouse is just another Brit in a long line of drug abusers, both real and fictional, extolled by British culture. William Shakespeare is believed to have frequently used a variety of hallucinogenic drugs. Inspector Abberline of Jack the Ripper fame was a fantastic opium addict. Sherlock Holmes certainly did his fair share of cocaine snorting, and several British Prime Ministers from Lord Liverpool to Winston Churchill regularly abused a variety of illegal substances. As if the mere existence of popular drug fiending role models wasnít enough, the British tabloids revel in sensationalizing drug abuse by English celebrities. I mean really, did Margaret Thatcher ever tell you guys to just say no? Guess not, but she didnít invent trickle-down economics or win the Cold War either.

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