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Briefing: Smitten with Britain. Why We Love UK Tabloid Royalty and Why They Love Us Back

08.23.2007 - Time

It's not surprising that the 20th Century British aristocracy, threatened by an increasingly powerful middle class, felt it necessary to implement a number of devices intended to staunch the sociopolitical influence of this new stratum. One of its most effective and pervasive methods proved to be tabloid journalism. By filling the less fortunates with inconsequential, sensationalist dribble-drabble relating to sports, crime, and the trivial activities of celebrities, England's elite managed to steer its immature, potential rivals away from important issues and events that actually mattered. Now, although this move was quite unethical, I would not have nearly as much of a problem if it had not taken a firm and lasting hold far beyond the rocky shores of the English coast.

Enter David and Victoria Beckham. I am not looking forward to two of your biggest tabloid-ites plopping down across the Pond. But unfortunately, due to your development and exportation of tabloid culture, many Americans can't wait. Michael Elliott explores the mutual fascination between U.K. tabloid royalty and Americans in his July 30th column in Time Magazine and although he makes some excellent points, frankly all I care about is that I am going to spend the next five years of my life being assaulted by David and Victoria Beckham related filth. I really could care less who Posh Spice may or may not have snuck off and had a quickie with at some charity dinner, or if David is gay or straight, or what their nanny has to say about them, and god knows what else. So thanks Evil Empire for not only inventing a venue for the socially worthless to be espoused in, but for then exporting your own socially worthless tabloid trash over here. Great, really great. No wonder more people are willing to vote for the next American Idol than are willing to vote in the next presidential election.

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