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Mayor: Heathrow Shames London

08.15.2007 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Wow. You guys just can't get transport right can you? Not only do you drive on the wrong side of the road, you also manage to make the busiest airport in all of Europe sucky. As reported in the August 2nd edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, London's own mayor admitted that his city is "shamed" by the state of Heathrow Airport. Livingstone continued to rip on his own peeps saying, "It is typical of the English short-termism, lack of planning, lack of investment." According to the International Air Transport Service, the airport offers "embarrassingly low" levels of service despite the fact that Heathrow continues to lead the rest of Europe's airports in total number of passengers planed and deplaned per year.

I am surprised the Continent stands for that crap. I mean, I cringe every time I have to spend an hour at LaGuardia but it sounds like you guys totally take 1st place. Why don't you listen to Mr. Livingstone and invest in some long-term planning for your hectic airfield over there. You know, kinda like you did for the Chunnel. Oh wait, that was France.

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