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It's British for 'War'

08.14.2007 - New York Times

Please come back Tony Blair. We can respect that Gordon Brown has been waiting in the proverbial wings of your government since it was hatched a decade ago, but we are not thrilled with his stone faced, British, I'm-going-to-say-very-polite-things-vaguely-alluding-to-some-sign-of-less-
these-things-in-public attitude. Just check out some of things he said to President Bush on his first official visit to the US as detailed in the August 5th edition of the New York Times. Take this one for example; Mr. Brown said, "I am very grateful to you for your hospitality and the chance for our two countries with our great shared histories to continue to work together on these great issues."

"Shared histories?" Yeah, you f-ing birthed us over 300 years ago! Are we like some snot-faced foster child to you now? "Continue to work together?" Dude, we're fighting a war together right now. I consider that to be more like sleeping together than running into each other by chance at the water cooler and having a two minute conversation about this weekends cricket match between Australia and Pakistan (I threw cricket in there so you would know what the hell I'm talking about). Look, we know you inherited this situation from your predecessor, and we know you aren't that fond of our president or his policies, but we would appreciate you a lot more if you told it to us a little straighter. I mean, come on. We had Slick Willy and that guy could dance around literalness all night long but we always knew what he was talking about. Well, at least we knew he didn't hit an in-the-oval-office home run and that's really all that mattered.

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