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British Airways Fined $546 Million for Collusion

08.13.2007 - Philadelphia Inquirer

They're still trying to screw us colonists after 200 some odd years. As reported in an August 2nd Philadelphia Inquirer article, British Airways was recently fined $546 million for colluding with fellow UK airline Virgin Atlantic over fuel surcharges. For a two year period, the corporations agreed to fix fuel surcharge amounts which were then tacked onto passenger and shipping fares. As quoted in the article, U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General S. Hammond stated that "virtually every American business and consumer" was affected by the airlines' illegal negotiations.

Well United Kingdom, I don't really know what to say. We really didn't mind paying you extra for our tea, hops, official documents, and everything else we used in our daily 1700's existence but you just kept pushing and pushing. Then we got pissed. Then we kicked your ass. That was like what, 230 years ago? Why don't you guys just brush your shoulders off, go back to your little land of islands, and stop trying to steal money from us.

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