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Letter To The ICBR: Re: From Italy


Dear Mrs Carnegie

first of all let me state I am one of the silly people who, and you must be happy about that, bought Mr Grasse's book. Curiosity was too much to stand and I did it. I am writing from Italy,
where I am leading the activities of a very distinguished association working in the cultural branch, organising musical events mainly based upon British tradition and heritage.

I am Italial 100%, no Brit blood whatsoever. So the reading of your book, so I thought, could have been precious and refreshing for a foreigner eager to learn as much as he could about "the Evil Empire".

Well, the fact this essay was written by an AMERICAN was not a very good start anyway but, ok, you always give second chances.
But then, going on with the passionate reading, I found Mr.Grasse's opinion not really "wrong" but completely "inaccurate".

Some examples? Please tell the author that Hiram Maxim was born in Massachussets in 1840 and possibly tell him also that, among the other enchanting way you AMERICAN have to spend your time, he can list preserving death penalty in many of your lovely states, inventing useful things like the electric chair, creating places much worse than the laagers, but deceiving them as real fortresses against Communism, Muslims, Al Qaeda (Al Qaeda, one of your more recent invention: nobody says whom Mr Bin Laden has bee in business with for years: possibly the
family of your present president? If you answer, you will possiubly understand much more about 11th Sept, we have seen much better staged dramas in Cinecitta, Rome. Sorry for the 2800 people sacrified on the altar of the "poor America, victim of the bad guys").

Some points are definitely vague and forceably meaningless (English people enjoy having tea? well, you ruled the world through a Cocaine-based drink so what? English people are in many cases alleged queers? Well, is not your country the first in the world for Porn commerce and pedophily, in all verses and cases? Were Brits far too tolerant towards Hitler? Well, you were nothing less towards Pinochet or all the South America dictators who killed thousands of innocents only to preserve your bloody right to rule the world as you like - what you are not able to do anylonger, thank God . English invented slavery??? Well, that's
good: they invented it - the Spaniards and Portuguese did better and before them! - but you perfectioned the system for all your needs. And in 1964 you still had the prohibition for black people to live in your blocks and use your coaches, hadn't you? So...).
But the global outcome of the book is really funny.
So funny that I took the freedom of writing you to inform that, without quoting any name or exact data, I will dedicate to your shambolic book one of the chapters of my book, dedicated to UK after so many years of "acquaintance" with the Evil Empire. Well, it will be great fun to show my readers - if I have any:I am not so pretentious as mr Grasse is, but at least he has already sold
one copy, mine! - how silly the Americans can be when they try to express, under false garments, their unmistakeable sense of inferiority towards the country who MADE them.
I think it will be one of the funniest parts of my book: we Italians already have a very low opinion of your country, Grasse's book has certainly contribute to make it worse, if a worst idea was possible or conceivable.

Give my warmest regards to Mr Grasse: reminding him to grasp the basic rules of English language before attempting the enterprise to write another essay or book or story or whatever.

Ah, I almost forgot. Brits adore their Sovereign: you are not even able to get rid of a junkie drunkard ruining your country or, even worse, you love spending time adoring a blondie bitch being jailed (and duly released in three days) for a little bender. Poor things: I am happy you got the Beckhams, both of them. You helped us to preserve cleaned a country we love so much.

Thank you.


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