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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Is this site real or an abstract humour?


Dear Sir,

The absurdity of your site is overwhelming.
Empires are Evil. It's that simple.Including the American
Empire. Britain had 13 colonies not 50. So where did
America acquire 50 states ? Not to mention Guam, The Philippines,
Puerto Rico, The American Virgin Islands etc etc?

Same as every one else . War , Trade & underhand corruption.

It's ironic that you have such a bigoted racist attitude.
Where did America come from ? British Colonies.
Washington was a British citizen , his parents were both
British citizens and his Grandparents. His Brother was in
the British Royal Navy .His wife was a British born British citizen.
His home Mount Vernon is named after the man he admired so much British Admiral Vernon. Washington was a British Officer in the British Armed Forces, in a British Colony. Washington took an oath to the crown.Washington fought 9 battles and won 3 . Not a great General. Washington fought all his battles under the Union Flag. 13 stripes with the British flag in the corner. He never fought under the Stars & Stripes.

Thomas Paine was British.

Benjamin Franklin was a British Citizen from a British Colony &
a British Agent .

Approximately 70% of the Continental Army (Not American Army) were British Born British citizens. 25% were British born Colonials , the rest were Germans Dutch etc.(Angles Saxons Jute's ).

All the Major cities of the 13 Colonies are built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge.

Only 13 colonies were British. The 50 states of the U.S.A. were stolen from the Native Americans & The Mexicans / Spanish . Napoleon sold his own countrymen the the Americans with the Purchase of Louisiana.

All Americans are subjects of the Crown under the Treaty of Paris.Americans are Citizens of the United States but they are subjects of the Crown ,read your own treaties.All gold and silver mines pay a proportion to the Crown even now.

Perhaps we Anglo Saxon Jute Angle Gallic Viking Pictish
People should seek our reparations from the Romans
who after all brutalised Britain & stole its, tin silver & gold.
Not to mentions the many thousands of slaves taken to Rome
and its colonies .No I think we should all seek reparations from Egypt.
After all ,the Irish & Scottish claim direct descent from them.

Actually the Pope must compensate all of Europe & South
America for Genocide ,Mass murder, torture ,crimes against
humanity & theft.

When the USA pays reparations to Spain & Mexico
and all the Native Americans Britain should pay back
the reparations. Which wouldn't be that much to pay.
After all the Pope would pay us so much we could easily
pay the rest of the world.

Of course the Chinese & Arabs & Greeks & Incas & Mayans & Babylonians (Iranians) & Russians & French & Spanish & Portuguese & Austrians & Moguls(Indians) & Turkish would also have to pay back all they stole & compensate all those they enslaved and abused.

The Point is we are all the product of another's conquest or takeover.

Sincerely ,

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