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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Easy Money


are you really serious?

I mean you have a point but come-on.

Should the whole of europe go back and claim reparations from the Italians for what the Romans did?

Or Britain claim reparations for the invasion by the French in 1066, or the vikings countless times before that? The vikings were the ones who introduced slavery to Britain, surely on your grounds they should compensate Britain?

And this all stems from The Evil Empire book?

you do realise that Maxim was an american and invented the machine gun in the US.

Why write something like that which is so obviously false?

Sure Britain has a horrific past, and one thats been told a thousand times. Its good that you have this organisation to make people aware of history, but your extreme bias based on misinformation just displays childish ignorance.

Good luck with your seek for easy money

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