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Letter To The ICBR: Re: British Payment


Your a knob, this has to be a wind up. Ahhh americans, a nation taken by religious rubbish, with a leader with an IQ of less than 1. And now some crazy people based in the us of a, think Britain ows the world cash ?! ahahahhahahahha...........what about getting the us to pay up for its attacks on the eastern world ;)',

I needed to say such a mindless comment for such a mindless and genuinely stupid campaign, clearly your brain power and thinking ability is not even worthy of anything, the Darwin effect will again play out its role, people like you and those with your intelligence will become extinct.

Only wish I lived in a world where all the nutters have already died out, leaving the rest of us normal people to get on with our lives in an intellectually stimulating and sane world.

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