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Letter To The ICBR: Re: The Real Facts



Please let me set you straight on one or two facts, then perhaps your campaign may have a better chance of succeeding

How do you explain the fact that as a Welshman living in Wales, a part of the United Kingdom (you have the name of the country wrong) that I can speak Welsh that my children can speak Welsh and that they were taught in Welsh.

Machine guns were invented by an American who then sold them all over the world.

Slavery: Strange as it may seem to you, has been practiced since the dawn of time. Let me give you one or two examples, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Rome, North American native tribes, most of West Africa, I could go on and on.

Plague is not an invention

Where were criminals kept before Great Britain invented prisons?

Child labour, slums, slavery and absolute poverty......... I give you India

Industrial Revolution: you state that Londons skies were the first to be polluted; again you fly in the face of historical accuracy. The majority of the heavy industries that enabled Great Britain to lead the world in manufacturing were based around the coalfields of S Wales and the Midlands. Suggest you looking on the internet for info on Blaenavon, Merthyr Tydfil , Nantyglo, Tredegar etc.

Global Misrule: Did Great Britain put Hitler into power? Did we fund Osama Bin Laden. Did we wait three years before we decided to honour our agreement with Poland and enter the fight against Nazi Germany. As for the repatriations demanded from Germany after World War One they were decided on by more countries than the UK, I believe America and France among others were sat at that table.

The rest of the document that I could be bothered to read is so littered with inaccuracies that I can only think that this is some sort of a hoax. I cannot believe that with the wealth of historical documents available to every body today and the ease of obtaining them that you can truly publish such rubbish.

Yours in disbelief

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