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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Coalition


Dear Sir / Madam

I don't want to seem too serious with this email simply because I'm almost entirely convinced your website, movement and book is intended as a joke.

Granted, I myself am a Briton so could be considered biased, but I struggle to think of anything I have either read in a book or article, seen on television or picked up online that has been so grossly misinformed as the tripe written on your website.

A student of world history - I've graduated from one of those English universities you so vehemently criticise - I have also studied the British empire in-depth and more than aware of the consequences and impact of the British on the world, both positive and negative.

I suggest you do some research on your subject matter and formulate an argument that at least resembles some form of reality. Valid criticism is fine, fantastical nonsense is both offensive and, quite frankly, a little pathetic.

I will neatly avoid - alluring as it is - the chance to criticise the nation I assume you call home. It would be both too easy and predictable.

Please do feel to reply - I'm intrigued to see what goes on in the heads of people at your "coalition". If it even exists.

Kind regards


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