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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Please Read, I Spent A Lot Of Time On This


i have read alot of the stuff on your website and alot of it is acctually racist, the one i most disagree with being put there is that just because these non christians went to see stone henge, 1 day of the year it happens, and is thought of as a historic monument to us that we are devil workshipers?

This is racist and cruel, because we dont follow your god we follow the devil, talk like that is what made crusades and jihads, one more thing, get of our lazy arses and go work, this is a historic event each year, like we sit there the whole year doin nothing, another is the talk of us giving so much money to everyone, you do know that will distroy the sterling and so
britian and so the stockmarket causing a depression right? If not i guess you should think about it, also blaming us for both world wars is a massive insult, we did not start them, did we start ww1, no it was started by a terrorist killing a hungarian i believe, i am not sure where he was from, and the terrorist was from a rival nation and so war was declared, this rival was allied to russia and france so they declared war on them, so the hungarian allies,(germany) and others declared war on france and russia, and due to the great big wall the french had, the germans went through belgium and holland, whom we were allied to and so we declared war, we joined both wars due to germans invading the dutch whom were allies so blaming us is a bit strong dont you think? that is whats said in the book, also in the middle east and africa, we were not the only ones who took alot of it, the french did as well, why do you think they speak french? and same with the italians, in WW2 they invaded egypt to expand and make there empire connect,also we left those nations with working government and trade, not our fault i they reverted to killing each other like before we came is it? Another outcry is blaming us for global warming, hindsights a lovely thing isnt it now. Without the industrial revolution there would be no mass production, and so there would be no medicene cheap enough for the plebs, and penacillin wouldnt have came to us either, also if we didnt do thiese things some-one else would have, also things like slums, prisons...(strange one there)

child labor, bad hygine (another strange one) the black such thing as that, please use there real names, black death or the plague, two different things, and consentraion camps, we did not invent any of these things, romans made alot of them, greeks did as well, so did the persians, we put a name to the camps but not made to kill or hurt, most were to protect so you know, the machine gun by maxim huh, he was making a weapon to help the army, other nations were doing this as well, we just created the better weapon in the end, and if we didnt someone else would have, if you would like to send me an e-mail back stating something we are truely to blame for, and please not the thing about africa and the middle east, we left them happy, they went into wars a few years after we left and son not our fault, also middle east was drawn up due to the fact most people there were different forms of arab, (not racist) and so was drawn to keep them from fighting, not our fault if they start fighting over how thick the pen was is it? Maybe we should have used something thinner then?...Also why should we pay for the gulf war, use the proper names please, they invaded kiwait, so we went to help them due to a defencive allience, like we did for the world wars, but the allience was with saudi, hnse operation desert shield, and also others helped like america in the war, 2nd iraq war was led by america, not us, and dont forget the USSR took alot of the middle east creating the terrorists and things, look it up, places like afgan, the versailles refund was acctually done by every winning nation, and was a normal thing during war, but that went high due to being a total war. The opium wars...most of china already used opium, we didnt take it there, they had it already, and they didnt have to take it did they, not like we said take it or die is it? Also just wonderin as i cant find it anywhere, does this man who leads you have a phd in history, or acctually legally a historian, as most of his claims if you look are drawn further back than when we went to them.

Also i would like a response to this some time, and if you want, send me a list of what we did thats so bad, i will send it back with the real facts and knowlage for you, what i have written is facts, not propaganda, unlike whats in the book, now please, tell me something that we did that was wrong and was only done by us and us alone or by us first

Thankyou for reading this

M. Verrill

P.S: I wouldnt mind acctually doing a live arguement on the issues if you want with your leader or someone who will acctually listen to me

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