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By Any Chance Do You Have Any Type O Negative?

07.10.2007 - The Week

Philadelphia, PA According to the June 1st edition of THE WEEK, an article points out the correlation between people who are negative and the effects it can have on them physically. People who feel that they are being treating unfairly are 55 percent more likely to have a heart attack in the next decade. This is according to a British study that tracked 6,000 civil servants. The study found high levels of cardiovascular disease among those who strongly agreed with the statement, I often have the feeling that I am being treated unfairly. Researchers believe that the amount of stress and anger accompanying that feeling can lead to high blood pressure along with other health issues related to heart attacks.

Well, the British are known for their snobbery, and upperclassmen who drive around in limos, rolling up to total strangers asking them for fancy Dijon mustard, knowing full well that they probably dont have it. Do these tophatted monocle clad mustard lovers ever think about the effect this might have on the common man?...most certainly not. I think you have enough money to start writing a few of those checks!

If you want yours then visit our website at and sign the petition to get paid! And make sure to pick up a copy of The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined The World, in bookstores and online. Visit for a sneak preview, press and enhanced features.

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