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Letter To The ICBR: Some Minor Corrections


The Evil Empire: Some minor corrections.

1: We think we own the English language because we created it. You think you own the Empire State building because you built it.
2: If there are well known bands and societies promoting paganism how is this secret? You called Saddam savage for killing Kurds; Think what you did to the Native Americans.
3: We did do this.
4: How by using emotive Imagery are we "dragging" Christ anywhere.
5: You adopted God who has never existed in real life.
6: We do enjoy a good tax. Otherwise all of our money would have to be spent on other things, like foreign wars.
7: We did. But he was a real person who raped and pillaged. He was NOT Mel Gibson.
8: We do not hate it, but are cautious of its misuse when in excess.
9: No we think she is a real woman. Nor do we bow down to her, unless to perpetuate the class system by receiving an honour. She ensures that a PM does not wield supreme autocratic power for his period in office.
10: This is because the country is four separate countries united by common causes.
11: We did
12: We did, she was talented but until you live in an unbiased meritocracy yourself how can you complain??
13: So did you, and portraying the defeat of the Armarda, an invading force as a bad thing to be doing, I'd like to see an American in charge say " Oh don't use Drake, He's a Pirate and that's bad... better to be invaded by the autocratic Spanish than use a Pirate..."
14: We didn't remove Christ. We removed the Pope.
15: What do you call Chaos Theory?
16: Stonehenge is in perfect enlightenment with the phases of both Venus and the moon.
17: We did, and now you enslave the world for your coffee fix.
18: you only hate cricket because you are the only Western power who doesn't understand it.
19: If it was only British poor hygiene, then how did Plague spread from Italy through Germany and France and across the channel? Perhaps a handy Cross continent Marathon race??
20: We in the past have BELIEVED this. Which of the two nations has just paid millions of dollars to produce, and watch, a film glorifying such a leviathan?
21: What did you have going for you at this point Mr American White Anglo-Saxon Protestant?? You never glorified your own history or stole it off others??
22: MADE time for tea: no one actually does this anymore.
23: We did. It was wrong, but look at what you did to Cuba.
24: No one is a Butler by profession anymore. What does your version of the Civil Service (i.e. your political interns) do if not pander to the wishes of your leaders?
25: Evidence for this being the first violent puppet show is where?? Sure the earliest and most violent form of entertainment was the Roman Circus which glorified violent death.
26: Remember Remember, The Fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot.
If it's a laughing matter why do we still burn his effigy at the sake every year??
27: In which country are you more likely to be lynched because of your sexuality? The UK or the US??
28: The Lords has little power left. It can refuse to pass a law twice, before Parliament can push it through anyway. Of the 595 Hereditary Peers you mention half will not be able to pass their peerage on when they die.
29: We invented most of it.
30: We didn't we just got there first.
31: We do, and so do you. See "A state of fear" By Michael Crichton.
32: We did- it made sense at the time, and when we switched it made sense to do so.
33: You're hardly doing the best of jobs by yourselves.
34: You invented Agent Orange.
35: Who stopped him invading further us or the Weather? Both.
36: Shakespeare is only incomprehensible to unimaginative fools. Why if it is so incomprehensible is Stratford- Upon- Avon one of our major tourist attractions??
37: Just because you don't understand it therefore you HAVE to ridicule it!
38: You can't talk, stop crowing about 1776: had it been the other way round you wouldn't have stopped the UK freeing itself from the US.
39: So do yours: see Archaeopteryx.
40: And you don't now?? "Far more civilised were the ancient Romans..." (pg 57)
41: We didn't "invent" it, and we passed laws limiting this well before you and everyone else.
42: If this is so terrible, then how come everyone else has copied it?
43: We did not "invent" slums; they were a secondary consequence of urban migration and poor planning controls.
44: And you didn't? Who had practical Apartheid until the 1960s??
45: Whose museums rejected a tour of Michel Angelo's "David" because you can see his genitalia?
46: LOVED a good hanging, which of the two countries still has the death penalty??
47: The French invented velvet in all of its forms.
48: Yes, but you supported Saddam Hussein after the previous Iraq War.
49: This was invented by a French Confectioner, not the British.
50: You are never dragged in. You volunteer at the last moment, so that you can appear to save the day: or so the film epic Pearl Harbour would have us believe.
51: And you didn't??
52: And you didn't?? See: Rwanda.
53: We did and this was shameful.
54: You would have welcomed him too; he was too poor to afford the ferry fare to get there though. The USSR was not born from the 'poison' of Marx. The USSR was born from poisoning what Marx had written.
55: Have you ever been to a Scout meeting in this country??
56: You "made nice" with Khrushchev. Did you want WW2?? I think not.
57: Just because we lost fewer men did not mean we did less.
It means we did it better.
The UK and Canadians fought on three beaches: the Americans on two. The Americans Mulberry (floating) harbour was constructed in 48 hours, the British in the recommended 72 hours. The American Harbour floated away in a storm. The royal Navy supplied the Americans with Amphibian landing craft, and advised that due to waves they were deployed no more than 1/2 a mile from the coast. The American craft were deployed anything from 3/4's of a mile to 2 miles offshore. Many sank.
The British and Canadian Armies captured twice the land in half the time, because they did less than their share?? I think not. They were better organised, and had been fighting the war for much longer.
58: If we are then you are too.
59: "The devised and propagated..." Learn to spell please.
Obviously your logic thinks that people are better left alone. Look at how healthy your nation is when in, compare the effects of Medicaid, and Medicare with the National Health Service. Keynes believed that everyone who wanted to should work, not everybody full stop. When FDR implemented the NRA, the US economy enjoyed a turnaround unlike any other.
60: And you don't either???
61: Precisely whose market collapsing due to speculation caused this?? Churchill put us on the Gold Standard; he refused to take us off it. The six years of "sanity" as you put it were the worst six years for our economy, more people starved than during the Great Depression, and many Historians argue that American Isolationism increased the effects of global recession on Germany.
62: The BUF never got a seat in Parliament. Local election results are based on local issues, not national party politics.
63: Mussolini was seen as the way to Hitler without talking to Hitler. Pacify Mussolini, Pacify Hitler. He transformed Italy, and killed people to do it. How many did you kill creating America, and spreading world democracy?? See: Vietnam.
64: It was area not carpet bombing. Yes this was wrong. However it was retaliation for what was done to Coventry, and you seem to advocate a crusading retaliation against Iraq so why you do not allow this to apply here is beyond me.
65: We have a National Health Service which we can access whenever necessary, and not when we fulfil the requirements of our health insurers.
66: Although you flatteringly credit us with many inventions, you do not research. The first colleges were created in mainland Europe. Britain created the first Universities.
67: American culture has embraced the mini-skirt. And as for calling the 60's a period of mass orgy do your history and discover that in America this was far more widespread. There was never and will never be a British version of Woodstock.
68: I have never seen a ballot taking place to decide what type of beer a pub should drink controlled by a central government.
69: We created it: See the Beatles. We don't like Britney but we don't complain.
70: You made false promises about loans to us, which fuelled our false promises to Palestine.
71: This was banned in 2005.
72: He turned himself into a circus freak, and needed no help from the tabloids. You invented talk-shows of the Springer ilk; I think they do more in this respect than tabloids.
73: We made science into snobbery?? I think you mean we put snobbery into science. Darwin has been proven right, life is hierarchies. One of the many people you praise in your book Nietzsche praises hierarchies but is not British... maybe this means it doesn't count??
74: We did but not as well as you have recently.
75: We only carved it up because you created then refused to join the League of Nations. We did not invade alone. And by the way did you know that Condoleezza is the name of the largest tanker in the world is now currently shuttling between Iraq and America all the oil in their captured areas??
76: He would have encountered more sex depravity and racism in America.
77: This is because it is a stupid thing to do. If royalty is a farce as you say, then this makes the "King of Sealand" a farce himself, and your book a farce for including his story in it.
78: We did not. We were forced to leave Iraq due to America recalling loans early, and Iraq was left to "choose" who they "wanted".
79: You'd prefer that we had her encased in an impregnable bunker for you to gawp at??
80: Also those places formerly owned by France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and others. The UK provides proportionally more in aid per year and offers subsidised drugs to the affected countries.
81: We do not demand seats at the UN and NATO. We are OFFERED seats.
82: We did better than you did.
83: And you CAN?
84: We did but we did not go as far as you did.
85: Obviously you have not seen an American advert since the 1950's.
86: We have not spread soccer worldwide. Football has spread itself worldwide.
87: We're against it because Hip Hop brings with it gun crime.
88: No steam engine would mean no global warming, but also no United States of America. You are now the World's biggest polluter. How can you prove that CO2 levels are this high? Oh, I forgot that it was the homo-sapiens's first achievement- the invention of the mass spectrometer.
89: A knighthood is a recognition of achievement. You have the same process but call it a graduation.
90: We did not invade Gold rich Latin America. Spain did.
91: We didn't. The Canadians did to protect their culture from you.
92: We did not start the tribal tensions. You wanted a gun toting crusade, you couldn't get one so we invented the story of WMD's.
93: Everyone owes the world big based on the premise of this book.

You seem to be factually incorrect or lacking evidence in most of your points, and if anything, seem to be seeking to isolate your only ally.
I am considering a law suit based on the fact that the book does not contain 101 ways in which my country ruined the world.

Your Sincerely,

Stuart Butler

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