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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Ha!


HAHAHAHA! This is the funniest website I have seen in a long time.

Good work! Oh wait...your being serious...?!

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!! All the better my friend, all the better.
This has been going round on so many joke emails.
Oh, and one more thing, if you actually did research, the first machine gun was invented by an American, who goes by the name of 'Dr Richard Gatling'.
Research helps a cause...even a really successful one like yours. Ahem.

Oh, and also, you calculated wrong:

In the USA:
1 billion = 1 thousand million, 1 trillion = 1 thousand billion
In the UK:
1 billion = 1 million million, 1 trillion = 1 million billion

You calculated that we owe $57,953,000,000,000, which according to current exchange rates is actually closer to 29 trillion.
However, using the British method of counting, we owe 29 billion, not 29 trillion!
29 trillion would be 29,000,000,000,000,000,000. That equals $57,168,949,500,871,057,408.00

Good work mate, I'm sure your going to go far in life.

One last thing to say...

God Save the Queen!

Yours truely,
A British Citizen

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