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Letter To The ICBR: Incorrect Figures For Reparations


Hi there,

I am a British citizen and have studied your views. I agree that the British were and have been responsible for some very untasteful things and have left parts of the World in a significantly less favourable state than they were found.

However, this small island was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and subsequently Standardisation, without which the modern world would not exist. Mankinds slow and malingering plod forwards technogically would have continued as it had done for the previous millenia. Now I'm sure there are many who would still like to be living in small farming communities with a
life expectancy of 40, but I and anyone else with a nugget of intelligence am not one of them.

Therefore I propose you derive a new figure for your reparations and consider what the world owes Britain (not England as Mr Grasse refers). Without this country the modern world would simply not exist. Therefore combining the total GDP outputs of all modern economies since the beginning of the 19th century I think you'll find that the U.K. is owed a substantial sum.

We also saved the planet from German domination in the skies over England in 1940.

You are all baffoons.

Kindest Regards

An Intelligent human being

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