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Letter To The ICBR: Re: If you think you got it bad


Hey guys,
English? bunch of bastards? tyrants of the modern world? you dont say!

Being a Welshman I've got to live next door to the fu*kers. You guys are lucky, we still live under their rule and our country and race continues to be persecuted. So when you say British can you get your facts straight, the Irish, Scotish and Welsh are just that, and the english are english. The terms British and United Kingdom imply a happy family when the truth is no such thing, we (the Northern Irish, Scotish and Welsh) are slaves, kept ignorant and poor by the english government, and any involvement in their 'evil empire' is because we didnt have a choice. Please refer to them as english in future and leave us out of it.
Also if the english are forced to pay for their past wrongs, who do you think will end up paying the dearest? the Irish Welsh and Scots, not the English.

If you seem so intent on pointing fingers, first try turning them on yourselves and question why America is viewed by so much of the world as the 'school bully'. In other words, a big, stupid, thug, morally bankrupt and intent on blaming everyone else before taking any responsibility for the shit the world is in. I dont wish to insult you but the world isnt black and white and no one is innocent so be prepaired for the backlash.
I am not happy with the way the world is but I dont look to blame others or point fingers, we should look for solutions and learn from our mistakes in order to do some good. It'll never happen but I can dream.


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