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Letter To The ICBR: Re:Please read this. Thankyou


Id Like to start by asking if the creators of this site are either insane or on drugs? This has to be the biggest load of shit i have ever read in my life. America is the biggest contributor to global wamring on this planet and consumes the most fuel. All this history crap about owing the world money is fucking stupid. You should be worried about the fact that you americans are biting off more than you can chew, with Us the UK one of ur few remaining allys. WHO stood by you in Iraq? WHO supported you at G8? WHO stuck by the bush administration? Us.....and you fucking yankee pricks look to isolate yourselves from us by asking us for money? You ignorant pricks should be ashamed of yourselves. As a british citizen I hear alot in the news of Global warming and how it affects us... one third of the worlds
resources are used by you. In britain it is around 95p for a litre of petrol ($2) now ive visited florida a number of times and have noticed that you pay per gallon what we pay per litre! ensueing more demand from the hundreds of millions of americans. Compared to 60 million british citizens. If it wasnt for countrys such as Britain, France, Spain and Holland your country would
not exist. Sure you have your independance but why do u seek to take even more of our recourses so u can squander them becoming more obese and more power hungry. The only country to keep up with u on Co2 emmisions is china. and the commy bastards are doing a better job than you. You racist pricks.

Global Warming:
The US Contribution in Figures

The United States constitutes 4 per cent of the world population
It is responsible for a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions - an average of 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide is released by each US citizen every year - the highest of any country in the world, and more than China, India and Japan combined Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually - consuming more than 850 million trees. There are more than 200 million cars and light trucks on american roads According to the Federal Department of Transportation, they use over 200 million gallons of petrol a day. Motor vehicles account for 56 per cent of all air pollution in The United States. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2002 concluded that people living in the most heavily polluted metropolitan areas
have a 12 per cent increased risk of dying of lung cancer than people in the least polluted areas. 32 of the 50 busiest US airports currently have plans to expand operations
Every year US industries release at least 2.4 billion pounds of chemicals into the atmosphere
Despite having just 2 per cent of known oil reserves, the US consumes 25 per cent of the world's oil production
16 per cent of world oil production goes into american cars alone. Approximately 160 million people living in 32 US states live in regions with smog and soot levels considered dangerous to health. The new clear air interstate rule aims to cut sulphur dioxide by 73 per cent and nitrogen oxide by 61 per cent in the next 10 years. Around 50 million new cars roll off US assembly lines each year. There are already more than 20 million four-wheel-drive vehicles on US roads. More than 1.5 million gallons of oil were spilled into US waters in 2000 alone. Only 1 per cent of american travel is on public transport, an eighth of that
in the UK and an eighteenth of that in Japan. As much as 5.99 tons of carbon dioxide is emitted per American per year,
compared with 0.31 tons per Indian or 0.05 tons per Bangladeshi. The US had 16 major oil spills between 1976 and 1989, whereas France suffered six and the UK five. The average american produces 864kg of municipal waste per year, almost
three times the quantity of rubbish produced annually by an Italian.

I hope you take my views into account as they are held by every single British Citizen i know. It would be in your best intrests to worry about the problems you will be facing in the next 50 years instead of trying to rape a country who has always stood beside you.

Yours Sincerely
Craig Britton

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