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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Re: you're a joke


And you assume I'm a Brit merely because I am replying to your site? Or is it because I can spell the English language correctly?

Is that the classic stereotype American in you assuming there?

I think you try a bit too hard for a simple joke and you should probably put the bottle of Mountain Dew down and try going outside, I realise you only open your front door to receive a take-away.

The British have no sense of humour yet created the greats like Monty Python, and American humour is all very plain and obvious because let's face it, America is behind 16 other countries around the world when it comes to the level of average education.

So you guys need things to be simple.

Have you actually started to mate with vegetables where you are from? One of the few plausible explanations for Bush, his election and re-election.

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