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Letter To The ICBR: Re: To Mr Steven Grasse


To Mr Steven Grasse,

I wish to formally complain about your book, ‘Evil Empire: One Hundred and One Ways in Which England Ruined the World’ and the organisation which has grown out of it.

I am a British citizen of England and I find you book highly offensive. I find this marketing venture of yours little more then a money grapping scheme riddled with racism. Your arguments are serious flawed and do not have the historical background to back them up. Your historical arguments are all formed by finding a world problem, tracing any vague links to it in history until you come to England, then you stop tracing. This is how your arguments are flawed, for history goes on for many millennia before England was a country.

You argue that all of the world’s problems are strung from imperialism, I can agree that imperialism does have its bad points, however if we use the structure of your argument we can use historical links to link imperialism back to the Roman Empire.

Even though I have found this link I do not blame the Italian’s for all of the world’s problems because you cannot blame a modern state for the deeds its ancestors did. People a few decades ago thought different to how we do today, let alone hundreds, even thousands years ago. And then in tens or hundreds of years from now people will comment on things we did and frown upon them.

In answer to your statement that Britain did not do their bit on D-Day (even though there were more British and Commonwealth soldiers fighting on that day than American soldiers, how dare you accuse that, I cannot think of anything more offensive to the British who fought on that day, or to those who lost love ones of friends on that day. Could you honestly say that to a British solider who saw his best friend killed fighting for his country, France and Freedom? Each country involved did their part in the war and D-Day.

I would like to enquire whether you are a Christian Mr. Grasse.

Yours sincerely,

James O'Sullivan

P.S. in reply to ‘Reason 99, They made Elton John a Knight’ from your book. Please keep your homophobia and taste of music out of a historical debate.

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