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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Your petition



I just saw your site and thought it was pretty funny, and a little interesting.

Sure you can make a petition, that would be alright and you are perfectly entitled to, but when you personally present it to the queen, (yeah because thats going to happen), all she'll do is give it to someone to store in some dusty filing cabinet somewhere or maybe it will just get destroyed.

Like you say no country is perfect and every country has its dark of sorts, but asking for money, and this amount? Thats crazy? Are you mad?

And when you have you 31,960,000,000,000, what would you do with it?

Its silly because its really like someone saying some of us westerners should apologise or even compensate for slavery.

Now I have NOTHING to do with slavery, neither has my father, or his father, or his father before him, so why should I pay? Why should the money I pay for in tax go to someone who probably doesn't care about slavery anymore and just wants the money.

The sad truth is that these days this world is full of greed, and stupidity, and unfortunatly thats all this petition is about.

If its a joke then its not really funny and its lame, and if your serious then, well good luck because it just ain't going to happen and you'd know that if you had any sense.

Its a shame that your almost anti-British too, when amongst everything thats going on in this world at the moment, the main centre for hate or dislike is America. America in all its arrogance, ignorance, and its "world police" attitude. But who's standing by you? Who is your closest ally and still fights along side with you?

If you had any sense you would not be this way.

As you admit America has had its fair share of atrocities, but compensation would do no good these days, and it obviously would be stupid seeing as hardly anyones descendants were really that bad unless you look at the posh lord who possibly have a great, great, great grandfather who was a famous general.

Anyway I think your website is stupid, whether its a joke or not.

You should grow up and get some sense and burst of reality.

Or maybe just get a life.

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