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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Insights


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in response to your web site (, to give you an insight in to what the British people think of your fantastic site.

I have really enjoyed reading your "Facts" section, and have taken a little time to respond to some of the point which you have raised.

"We, the International Coalition for British Reparations, are asking that the greatest criminal nation on earth—the British—pay up as well."

Excellent thought, though I would have thought that we have already paid enough with the crumbling of the Empire, and becoming the poodle of the US.....

"But most of these deaths happened by way of prison camps (a British invention) or machine guns (another British invention). All roads of human suffering, particularly in the 20th century, lead back to Britain."

Oh, well said, factually correct, but kind of leaves a few bits out..... Such as RECENT HISTORY...... Remind me which country has grasped these ideas and inventions and taken them to a whole new level of evil..... Yep, ya'll guessed right, the US.... *Cough* Guantanamo Bay *Cough* Napalm *Cough* Nuclear warheads *Cough*.... The list goes on......

"Stretching more than a millennium to the crowning of Alfred the Great in 871, the British Monarchy is simply one of the oldest continuous governmental bodies on earth."

Come on, do some research for the love of God!!!!!!!! The British Monarchy was effectively dissolved during the Civil War of 1639-1640, and remained only as a Figurehead of the State, with very little real power. Oh, and since when has a Millennium been anywhere near 769 years.......? (Do you not have the abacus over there yet? You really should try it ;o)

"The Industrial Revolution. "

Erm, forgive me for pointing this out, but without the industrial revolution, the world would still be feudalistic mire of cow crap, famine, and disease.......... Which includes that old British Colonial backwater....... Oh, and if the Industrial Revolution was so bad, how come most of the world sweat shops produce goods for companies from..... Wait for it..... Yep, the US....

"The melting of the polar icecaps"

Remind me which country refused to sign up to the Kyoto Agreement to tackle this very problem? That's right, the good 'ole US of A!!!

"Most of the worst tyrants in power through the end of the 20th century were put there by the British, or came to power by filling the power vacuum the British Empire left behind."

LMFAO, genius!!!!!! So the US had absolutely NO INVOLVEMENT with the arming of Israel.... Or Iran......... (I could go on to name more, but I will decline from embarrassing such a great nation) I'm guessing that bit p*ssed of the Arab nations a tad more than we did by getting the heck out of their country (Brief images of Iraq waft gentle across my sorrowful brow).

"Bad Inventions. Machine guns, slums, prisons, child labor, bad hygiene, the Black Plague, concentration camps, you name it. If it hurts people, the British probably came up with it."

Just three simple words/phrases that put this in perspective...... Napalm, Nuclear Weapons (oh, I said those before didn't I?) and Michael Jackson.

"they've extracted exorbitant reparations payments from Germany, France, and China, among others."

Talking of extracting cash, how much have the following received in reparations...... North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua & Honduras (US Funded), and last but not least, Iraq (Twice).

"Britain has long controlled our patterns of thought through the modern university, an English invention"

Harvard, Yale, Michigan etc etc..... You guys certainly have taken that one on board and given it a real good make over.

How did you come up with the £31 trillion figure?" etc etc
Gulf 1 was a US lead force, note the words US lead, that means it was the US who lead it. The US could have saved a lot of time and effort had they just picked up their dummy (pacifier to you) and listened to the world.........

Gulf 2. US lead...... (Unless you're a goldfish, I don't think I need to explain that one do i?) and absolutely nothing, I say NOTHING to do with oil, or Imaginary WMD (Though I agree, Saddam did have a really nasty beard that could have caused nasty chaffing should he ever deem you worthy enough to kiss your cheek)

Opium Wars......
Lets not get started on drug problems shall we, you really don't want to open that can of opium....

Versailles Refund $25 trillion

I think you will find that WW2 was primarily cause by Germany invading Poland..... Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Holland, Denmark..... You get the picture........? I very much doubt, (as does history incidentally) that money had any real play in this little fisty cuffs we had over the pond...... I think you will find that those Old Etonian Historians would argue that it was caused by a ruthless dictator, with delusions of grandeur (Odd, but the work Bush springs to mind somehow). Oh, and whilst we are at it, remind me which country sat on it's ever expanding a*se and sponged Britain dry by charging ridiculous amounts for the armourment, food medical supplies, then had the cheek to join in after we had all but decimated the Luftwaffe and claim it as their own Victory?

"Second, letting the British Empire get away with savaging the world's culture, economy, and environment without having to pay any price sets a terrible precedent, both for the present governments of the world and for future generations."

"Savaging the worlds culture", Quite right too, I believe the US has the high moral ground on this one, it has never tried to invade another country to impose it's own ideology on another race of people. None of the South Asian countries we ever annexed (and indeed failures), no Communist run state was ever threatened, the Bay of Pigs was a fairy story, Nicaragua and Honduras (US Funded) were figments of our imagination, and the Cold War was nothing more that a brief argument about who was going to have the last bottle of Bud from the fridge (or Cooler as our (alleged) victims would call it).

"Economy" So Microsoft, Coca Cola, McDonalds et al have no desire for global domination....? Get real, that's what capitalism is all about.... Schmuck!!!!!

"Environment" Kyoto is a dream, one which the US refused to share. Remind me who is one of the main protagonists when it comes to the rape of the planet we live on? Yes, that's right, the bloody French..... Nahhhh, only joking, I would put a little tick in the box labelled USA.

Do you really expect Britain to pay up?"

Come on, get real, you've already made your mind up that we are indeed the collective personification of evil, so hows about a nice big hot steaming mug of "Go F*ck Yourselves"

So, to conclude, may I suggest that you seek some form of guidance, and perhaps look a little closer to the worlds perception of who is the real evil here, before you don't attempt to control the minds of the masses by teaching them to read your book.........

Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent my views, to waffle endlessly, and for making me feel so much more superior......

Keep up the good work, I will return from time to time to revel in the wanton frivolity of a purely fiction work of art.

Lots of Love,


Ps, Please feel free to drop in for tea some time, I do a wonderful Black "Death" Pudding :o)

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