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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Forgive and Forget


I can tell you are not Christian. Forgive and forget. Turn the other cheek. None of which you display.

We have been responsible for a lot of what you said yes. However, we are only a mere glimpse of the full spectrum. It is not the fault of the British… well as you kindly like to point out Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are separate countries. England was the biggest country in the world ever to exist. The fault of the Middle East have not been helped by England in the past, I agree, but I would thinkà the bombing of Baghdad, overthrowing of sadamn. Selling the largest amount of your arms exports to Israel (the most amount of arms being sold in the world, is by the US government to Israel), leaving a security vacuum in Afghanistan, invading Vietnam, trying to get rid of communism, funding the IRA (the terrorist organisation), Al Qaeda (the terrorist organisation), invading Iraq twice probably didn’t help, the stupidity of the US government not signing any environmental agreements, the arrogance of Americans as a general and the fact they are far too proud-full thinking they rule the world is another reason, the US armies continuous cock ups in being so generally thick that they can’t tell what is a friendly force, and shoot them dead, and then try and cover it up (so the tape does exist then?!). I could go on for months….. We British do not say we are the best country in the world or say how great we are, we are not blindly patriotic that we do not pledge an allegiance to the government and America every week. We did not wipe out two cities and millions of people in either of the world wars, we did not create tensions between the Soviet Union and America, we as a population believe everyone is important as each other, and unlike the southern states, racism is near extinct here. While the British armed forces would try and calm the situation down as much as possible and hand themselves in the American forces believe they should have resisted, resulting in a blood bath of British lives and the consequences of that. Just shows difference of opinion and how we have matured as a nation. The American forces believe that anyone with a gun should be shot, the British forces say unless the gun is being fired at you, you cannot shoot, as it is not a threat to life. We do not believe that the general public should have access to guns, as demonstrated by the Virginia university incident. In fact it took an ENGLISH teacher to even raise a warning about the killer, which was blindly ignored by American people. If you dislike us so much, don’t speak our language, kill yourselves as believe it or not, you are all part English, Irish, Spanish or Mexican. The British originate from Normandy and Germany, so start hating them. We are not disliked by every nation in the world (china, north korea, france, Canada, spain, iraq, iran, afganistan, Russia, italy, Poland, germany, wales, Scotland, England, and japan). We can learn to forgive and forget. We were the ones who invented modern democracy as we know it today. We set up the League of Nations to AVOID WAR AT ALL COSTS. Americans it seemed, thought there would be no need. Enter WW2. We then jointly set up the UN in 1947. The pledge was written out in its charter... to never have a war like this ever again. (America today has seemed to forget this) The British actually wanted after WW2 to have separate states of Muslims and Jews and Christians because each WANTED their own state. The Jews were given their prophesied land. We gave them what they wanted. We fast forwarded normal and modern living, the average living age before the industrial revolution was about 40 odd. What is it now? Oh, yes… 80-90. If you regret us inventing the modern west, please go into a hut and live alone! Because unless you can live without electricity, lights, railways, underground networks, modern production methods, plastic etc… then let me know, and I promise I will be gobsmacked!

One final point is that, you are not a popular nation, just a bully; don’t think you could ever make us pay £16 trillion, unless of course you’re able to pay reparations to every single country in the world you’ve entered without permission. Everyone, including countries make mistakes, we regret that it had to happen, but its history now. England’s reason for disliking you is your arrogance. On a individual basis, Americans are usually ok, but as a nation. It’s like putting two of the worst schoolboys in the same class…

Anyway peace out

And learn to forgive and forget.

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