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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Outraged!


Dear Sir

I have recently witnessed the trailer for your book 'England: The Evil Empire' and seen your website of British reparations. I am inclined to say I am disgusted at this for it bends the historic truth of the world‚s heritage and history. You are merely jealous of the brilliance this country has achieved. Yes we do take responsibility for a few of the wrongs you state, however most of these charges against us are complete and utter rubbish. All
nations including the United States have committed wrongs at one point or another, but most nations are civilised enough to admit to their wrongs, apologies and try to restore what has been broken. However you sir are being arrogant and cowardly and not taken responsibility for the worlds wrongs and instead of other nations admitting to them you have pinned it all on one
thing you have despised. The British Empire. This is an example of cowardice and 'pointing the finger'.

I therefore conclude that in my opinion you should reconsider and re-write your book of lies and bent truth and your inaccurate facts for your 'reparations' which I may say amount to the most ridiculous figure.

Yours faithfully

Christopher Benjamin Denby age 15,
Philip James Tapsell age 15
Marcus Sebastian Denby age 13
Robert Christopher Denby.

P.S. I will ponder the thought on creating a website to oppose your statements and bent truth, which I will inform you of once it has been created in the near future.

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