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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Evil Empire


I saw this book in Barnes and Noble. As a British Citizen in America, married to an American, I have found overall I like America and Americans. However...I find 'The Evil Empire' Racist, opinionated, negative and insulting.

Britain, just like France, Spain, Russia and American had its faults in history, as it does today; I belive we should focus on making the world better, not dwelling on pointing fingers at who is to blame for the problems of today. Indeed if Nelson had not beaten Napoleon's fleet in 1805 I bet nearly all the world would be speaking French today!

As for the Author saying that he is fed up of people in England saying they don't like the president...fine don't go to England. I everyday experience the Americans saying similar things about Tony Blair, or having people criticise me on England's history, or current policy. I don't write books trashing other countries..and if a Brit did write a book trashing American society I know 3 or 4 American writters would have written books in response and there would be public burning of the book.

Please pass this letter on to the author, expecially this message: Fuck you, mate! On Monday it is St.Georges day, & my Union Flag with be raised HIGH!!


John Roffe

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