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Letter To The ICBR: Re: An educated Review


Your sight is funny, in a worrying sort of way. This type of horribly distorted and misinformed hate propaganda is shockingly reminiscent of things that I thought humanity had learnt to disregard by now. This is down at the level of a fascist racial slur similar to such distorted nonsense spewed out by Hitler's Nazi's during one of the darkest periods of human history. I S‚pose you would praise Hitler then, for he brought about the atrocities that caused Britain to sacrifice it's Empire of 200 years to stop him? This type of crap makes any educated* person laugh, and thank god people can actually read about history accurately, not thru someone like you who enjoys for some perverse reason to take facts and 'touch them like a
rapist' for your own joy. (*Compulsory education: a British idea - something you should look up)

Steven A. Grasse: The writer of your book. Now where could his anti-British hate stem from? Just got to find the route like any rascist. Case in point, just like Hitler, who was bullyed about his poor artwork by his Jewish teachers, his hatred stems from past personal greivances. Classic physcological textbook stuff...

"Grasse is a descendant of François Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasse Tilly, comte de Grasse. Americans will know him as the French admiral who assisted George Washington during the War of Independence. British readers will know him, of course, as the Frenchman who betrayed the bold American colonialists by withdrawing his ships at a time crucial to their struggle so that he could go and loot for his own personal benefit the rich shipping lanes of the West Indies - and was soundly trounced by a much smaller squadron of Royal Naval ships under the command of Admiral Hood at the Battle of the Saints. Beaten like a gong, believe me."

So your hate stems from blood cowardice, and humilation and enlightening to the world of your families coward and betrayal at the hands of who.... the British. Haha, grow up, and move on. Else the British will humilate you again (what would your ancestors say?)

Please respond, i would love to study inept misguidance up close.

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