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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Blame & Exact Monetary Vengence on England.


To whom receives this email,
I found your website and read it with much interest. As with most research being done today your conclusions are incorrect whether by design or by honest mistake. You should be pointing your finger at the Vatican and the Popes, corporate soles who ruled with utterly brutal and complete authority. The Pope's authority certainly didn't come from God, as the Catholic Church was built with Paul as the head, not Peter as was declared it would be by the son of God. It was several hundred years after the conception of the Church, which was most assuredly not of Immaculate conception before Peter was finally ackowledged and far to late to be purged of the Churchs iniquities and high crimes. Born of deceit, deception, and heinous lies reaching all the way to high heaven, with murder the blood of their brothers and sisters still on their hands the Church was whelped onto the world. You will find no son of Zeus or half man half horse lovers and worshipers here.
England was conquered in 1066AD by the bastardized Norman French, who liked the corporation idea so well that they subdued the English and English legal language with their mortmain laws. What a ruthless and wicked bunch they were and are today, tainting legal procedure with their lawyer legaleze as we speak. But, before I forget a couple of very important players and certainly not least in importance, although not wanting to be known liking to strike from their secret lairs letting others take the blame for their deplorable and traitorous actions.
The first having been the "Powers" behind the Thrones and Churchs throughout most of civilized history is the Old World International Banking Interests, the Federalists. The other a very slippery cold blooded snake has their den of iniquity in a thirteen block section in the city of London, known as "London Town" or "The Crown", which isn't part of Great Britain proper. This is the authority that the Popes have used to bring Kingdoms to their knees and brought such crime, depravation, depravity, shame, and death to all parts of the world for far to many centuries. The money power, the attorney's legal authority, and the lie that the Popes where infallible and the vicar of God in this world. What an abomination that they have wrought with their wickness, adultries, murders, and deceit and deception.
No, I shall not blame England for the ruthless wickedness that has ruled that great land for so many centuries and killed so many of it's young cut down in the flower of their youth, to satisfy the insatiable hunger for complete ownership and total control of all that is. All the mentioned agents doing their master ha satan's bidding in most cases knowingly and with criminal intent should be ashamed, humiliated, and banned from God's green "very good" earth. The fires of hell will not exact any to much vengence for God in my estimation. Thank you for your time, I will tarry no longer at your website. Sincerely yours, Leonard-Woodrow .

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