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Letter To The ICBR: Re: hello


Hi, Iím Shaun.

before i begin i must stress I'm not for any country
nor am I anti American. I consider myself a
geographer, and a citizen of the world not Britain. As
a result I'm neutral.

Iím reading geography at the University of
Sunderland. Iím from a working class background how
ever I worked my way into higher education with great
effort. Iíve studied many of the geographical history
that you have brought to the masses attention. However
you are very ill organised with your facts. such as
the opium war... America was involved with this
too...Chamberlain is perhaps the most ill-regarded
British Prime Minister of the 20th century in the
popular mind internationally, because of his policy of
appeasement towards Nazi Germany regarding the
abandonment of Czechoslovakia to Hitler at Munich in
1938. and Chamberlain was more interested in economic
productivity with Germany than rather face another
world war again. but you missed the fact that
Churchill stepped in and saved the day.Britain was at
war with the evil Nazis thanks to his efforts. further
more this idea that we don't elect our politicians and
instead worship a Queen us bullshit. the people and
state are in charge of the Queen. and even though her
title is "head of state" she is just another formality
and parliament can always bypass her when it comes to
making acts, decisions, etc. WE THE PEOPLE dictate how
much the queen earns off the state by electing MEMBERS
of society to represent us in Parliament. we just keep
hold of the monarchy now for heritage sake and it
attracts the tourists. the government is in charge of
the UNITED kingdom. not just England but Scotland
Wales and northern Ireland as well. Hence the word
UNITED. and our government is elected UNANIMOUSLY
unlike your president George bushes 1st election which
was let's face it a bit suspect for a so call fair
election. I agree 100% that imperialism is bad and has
been bad but not like the one sided story you have.
again you have missed out of the money that was poured
back into the countries which were colonised. India
had an extensive railway built which it still relies
on to this day. slavery was in the empire but not all
over. and Britain was one of the first to get shut of
it, yes it doesnít make it all better but at least we
had the sense to be the first to stop. I can see
you're trying to show that its not Americas fault for
everything which i agree. but the complaints about
America are on current affairs. even though the middle
east problem was created by the British drawing up
neat new borders dividing tribes that creates the
problem in Iraq. Creating new states with a mixture of
tribes that donít get along- I do know this as does
every one that studies Geography. It isnít new news
(well maybe for Americans as their Geographical IQ is
shit) but besides the point America says they are
cleaning up the mess in Iraq but in my opinion it's
obvious what the truth is. the USA wanted to invade
Iraq get rid of Saddam and help the country get back
on its feet. but behind the scenes you USA did this so
they would get paid back with OIL, at lower rates
compared with the standard price OPEC sells at. other
wise why waste all that money on getting rid of
Saddam?? there's genocide going on in Africa and mass
urban war fare kills more people per day in Sao Paulo,
Brazil than there is people dying in Iraq each day.
but you donít go and help them do you? Iím not just
having a go at the USA, the UK is to blame and soooooo
many other what we geographers call "Core" countries
which are the wealthy countries. any way Iíve had
enough of this there is soooo many things i would tell
you. you are a little lacking in depth and REAL
perspective in your arguments. but as a punchy title
and book i applaud you - Iím sure you'll make a lot of
money of it, VERY Clever. after all you are a
businessman. If you want to make it better, the only
way is to work together stop winging and moaning ON
BOTH SIDES OF THE ATLANTIC and make the world a better
place. Britainís empire no longer exists, hasnít for a
LONG TIME. So the people who cause the problem are
LONG DEAD. Another point to bring up is that the UK is
one of the Largest donors of aid and host events such
as comic relief day, Red nose day and children in need
EVERY year and raise £millions. Not to mention the
famous LIVE aid in the 80ís . Iím going to stop there
as Iíd be here for another 500 years telling you the
facts youíve not taken into your account. feel free to
reply. here are some sites that are UK funded
charities and aids that alltogether over recent years
have funded Billions to the worlds poor.

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