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Letter To The ICBR: Re: You really need to read some books...


OK on your facts page you point out a number of Facts.

We were to blame for the pollution of the world although America gives out 25% of the worlds pollution. You say we are to blame for inventing the machines that caused this mess. Although we created the Machines which i may point out created America's industry and the modern world you blame it on us. Another way of putting this would be to say the man who invented the gun is to blame for all the gun related deaths in the world, it just doesn't seem right does it?

You say we are to blame for the invention of the machine gun, Although i seem to remember that the guy who invented the machine gun was born in America. You say we are to blame for slavery although if my history is right it was the Dutch who first began slavery. Although we did slavery we were also the 1st country to stop slavery. Which i might point out was in 1807, when did America end it hmm. Black people didn't even get there right for voting etc in America till the mid 20th century. You say we invented prisons but i think if you look at a book (you know that thing with pages) you will see that prisons can be seen as going back further than the Roman Empire.

You say we invented Concentration camps, although we used them in The boer war they can be traced back to the Spanish. You say we invented bad hygiene, i mean how can someone invented bad hygiene?? It was everywhere in Europe and even the Romans had trouble with hygiene.

I mean did you actually go to school or is it just all Americans think like this?. I have seen some of your videos on youtube were you were praising America saying we should thank them. But hmm let me look at the facts you entered late in ww2 and ww1. In ww2 you entered 2 years later and left us fighting on our own. (you gave us some equipment, but made us pay) If you look at the facts you will see that Hitler was losing the war before America even entered. We had defeated the Luftwaffe with the help of some Polish and Czech pilots in the Battle of Britain and Russia (Who if anyone we need to thank i would say them) was kicking Hitlers ass in the Front. I may also point out that America is the only country at the end of ww2 to make a profit.

Your organization is a complete joke, and you probably dream up most of these so called facts. Your not going to see a penny. Also on your Resources page, you say the Falklands are the victims. How are they? They are loyal to Britain why do you think they still stay within the Kingdom. I suggest you don't give up your day job because you would have to go through the hole British army just to get 1.

I guess your one of these George Bush supporters, I mean even he is not stupid enough to go up against the USA's closest allies and asking for $51 trillion. I mean were your closest allies we have lost alot of men/women fighting a war that the USA started and then you try to go around our back trying to take $51 trillion.

I suggest you stop this nonsense since most of the country's we controlled, still remain with the commonwealth and still accept Queen Elizabeth as there Queen (Who i may point out is the most powerful head of state in the world). I mean read some more books then come back with some facts that are based on actual Facts.

Also i suggest you decide who you against here. You say England the evil Empire although you show the British flag which is the flag for the hole kingdom (Wales,Scotland,England,Northern Ireland).

I mean the only thing we are to blame for is letting the Americans control there own country.

Also i may point out that the Queen doesn't run the country we vote/elect a PM, Haven't you ever wondered who Tony Blair is?
Also you say Churchill was friends with Hitler, Churchill met Hitler once, and that was way before ww2 began. Also to say we were friend's with the German's in ww2 is an insult to our veterans and war dead. And you should be ashamed, that quote also proves how stupid some Americans are. You say you are tired of cleaning up our mess, Although i don't see how you are cleaning it up?? All of Europe is cutting back on pollution but it seems America is growing on its 25% it already gives out.

Also wasn't it America who started the gulf war and the current Iraq war? We were there fighting at you side. We are Allies and i suggest you stop this nonsense or try coming over here demanding it and see how long you effort lasts.

O yes what about in Japan in ww2 when you nuked to of there city's and killed millions of innocent citizens. Doesn't Japan have the right to call you evil?

Stop trying to blame all the world problem's (mostly America's fault) on another country and just take it on the chin, and accept America is the plague to the world.

No doubt you will delete this message and not even read it as it proves piratically all your facts are bullshit.

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