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Letter To The ICBR: Re: The Evil Empire is waging war against America


From: David Billiot
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:48:47 +0900
Subject: The Evil Empire is wagind war against America

Mr. Grosse,

I am sure you are familiar with the supposed John Cleese letter the to Americans but what you may not be aware of is that this blatant piece of racist Anti-Americanism is being taught is English speaking schools from Australia to Scotland. The students of the common wealth nations are being indoctrinated to hate America so that the Evil Empire can save face and blame America for everything. They have already begun the process of trying to re-invade America with the recent English Only law that was introduced into Congress by one of their agents from Oklahoma, and they have convinced Congress to charter a church owned by the Queen as the State Religion for all of America. This does not bold well. Clearly a war between America and the British is on the horizon unless we allow ourselves to be taken over in this manner. I would also like to mention that the amount of reparations seems to be too small. We should be asking the British (white) populations of all the common wealth countries for reparations, not just England. If they don't want to pay then they should have to leave the common wealth. This would be a more fair and equitable way of dealing with them.

Also, Britain is still committing may terrible acts today and I think you should spend some time talking about that as well. In every country I travel to, if I encounter a British, the first thing they tell me is how much they HATE me personally because I was born in America. I have several on tape if you are interested, though you should have no problem getting your own research to show the same.

I haven't read the book yet but waiting to see when it will hit Japan. Keep up the good work and if you like I can send you a lot of info of just how the British hurt my Tribe, the Houma, or Catholics. I also suggest we demand the British pay their back tithes to the Church going back to Henry the 8th.


David Billiot

From: british reparations
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 7:41 AM

Subject: Re: The Evil Empire is wagind war against America

Dear David,

Besides spelling my name wrong, you are brilliant!

Finally someone who sees my point!

Whatever you have on tape would be fun fodder for our YOUTUBE campaign!

And make sure you tell everyone you know about the book!


Steven Grasse

Dear Steven,

First, please accept my apology for misspelling your name. I understand the stress of that situation and I did see on one of the videos on your site how one of the members of the Evil Empire tired to use it against you. I would love to get more info about the YOUTUBE campaign and I bet I could get a lot of useful stuff by just asking some British people to sit down and say how they really feel and what their educational system really has taught them about Britain or America. There is a bit of a touchy subject in Japan right now as several British women were murdered in Tokyo recently. I feel I must let people know that I don't condone that type of reparation but that still does not excuse their past crimes. As I am from Louisiana, I feel a special need to bring up the so-called French and Indian War, and as I am both French and Indian, I feel that peace has not been achieved, nor has the Great Upheaval been resolved. It might really be a good thing to get several living examples of personal testimony to put in a book or on YOUTUBE to show that these crime still affect people and are talked about to the present day.


David Billiot

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