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Letter To The ICBR: Re: nice joke


Assume this is some sort of April fool or you have lost your marbles.

Bad Inventions.
Machine guns,

Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling (September 12, 1818 February 26, 1903) was an American inventor best known for his invention of the Gatling gun, the first successful machine gun.

As you can see the first machine gun was actually made by an American not a Brit. If you want to claim it is Britians fault because we made America then I am afraid Britian will probably have to ask you to pay them back for all the hard work setting you up as a nation.

slums, prisons,

Sadly I am unable to fine a decent history of Slums at this point, but the Prison thing is a joke. I'm not even going to bother fighting you on it, lets just hang everyone for committing a crime.

child labor,

Woha go and check out what was happening in Egypt, Greece and the Far east before you bring that stupid argument against a country.

bad hygiene,

It was my understanding that the Romans set Britain up with good public sanitation which was later improved greatly by British Engineers. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that this is some daft long running April fool.

the Black Plague,

Oh boy, this began in asia and was spread by traders out there. Since the British at this point were not in Asia it is not possible to say it is some act of British ignorance

concentration camps,

I find this to be mildly amusing, but you may have something here. Boer war and all that.

you name it. If it hurts people, the British probably came up with it.

Try Napalm an American invention, nothing like having burning petrol gel stuck to your skin.

By way of come back:

Britian would like to invoice the world for 51trillion pounds. This amount is claimed on the basis that Newton was British and so much of the world today is built upon his genious and principles that he stated.

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