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Letter To The ICBR: Re: believe me, we brits arent related to satan.


im british, but my family is originally from italy (ive put that in so you won't dismiss me as a daughter of satan straight off - id like this email to be read) the british people , in general, agree that slavery is terrible. most british people feel that the empire did stuff that wasnt right. id also like to point out that lots of us had NOTHING to do with any of it.for example, not even my grandparents can remember the british empire. your average brit also has their own problems - money( were not all rich! ),
health, education. im only 15 but already me and my friends are being told
that the chance of us EVER being able to afford a house if we go to uni is slim.if we're paying sorry money on top, i think i may have to live in a tent or something all my life. oh, and we're not mad rascist skinheads. check out the british left (, i noticed you're an american organisation. are you going to pay reparations to the native american indians who your ancestors bullied and slaugtered? and didnt your country paricipate in the slave trade? one good thing ... your ad made me smile.put it on youtube.its hilarious my question is - where did you get the idea that britain is to blame for the worlds problems? and why are you so sure that america has done no harm at all?
(please dont email the awnser, put it on your site. )
thankyou (clara, 15, uk)

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