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Letter To The ICBR: Re: So you only blame the British? How ignorant you are.


Shall we put blame on the Romans, Normans, Vikings for invading the once peaceful inhabitants of Britain?

Shall we ask them to pay up for their barbaric torture of all the citizens in the many countries they invaded. The slavery, the rape, the burning of villages. Or shall we blame the Arabs and Egyptians for slavery back in bible days?

Shall we move on to the Spanish who wiped out entire nations?

Shall we put blame on world wars to the Chinese, the Russians and people like Ghengis Khan who massacred millions?

Have you forgotten the Germans? So soon you put that aside. They were not British - yet they started two World Wars and killed 6 millions Jews plus other cultures - who I must add here, many of whom the British saved and liberated from these tyrants.

I assume being American you have never blamed yourselves directly for any atrocities in the world. Americans never dropped a bomb did they? It must have been a British citizen standing behind President Trumen saying "go on man, drop it!!" Oh I forgot, after dropping one bomb, he decided three days later to do it again - nice chap! But then you could probably blame the British somehow for enticing the Japanese to pick on Pearl Harbour!!

Research your history a little more chaps. See the full extent of what one nation can do to another nation. NOT JUST THE BRITISH. This has been going on since time began - From Maori to Korean, Indian fighting Pakistani, European fighting European, Muslim fighting Muslim, Asian fighting Asian and don't forget Africa. They slaughter each other for diamonds!! Oh yes, I suppose that's not an American problem even though it is the Americans who buy them for $1 and sell them for $2,000. If you want to discuss money and destruction - who supplies arms to the Middle East, Africa and Russia. You'll be completely ignorant if you think an American is not involved.

It's people like you that incite hatred and add fuel to a fire. If you want an ending to all wars, all hatred and all discrimination, and anything you describe as negative - then people like you should start preaching forgiveness, moving forward and love in the world. Money is the route to all evil. You are asking for a government to pay up. If money is your aim to forging progression - What category of 'evil' does this place you in?

Why not concentrate on the good that comes out of countries like Britain - vaccines, cures, education, charity, honour, help, community and understanding. This is more of a productive way forward.

By the way, Britian was one of the last European countries to be infected by the Plague! And, if you think inventions are bad - throw away your computer and mobile phone and go live in a field with no flush toilet!

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