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05.22.2007 -

By Gary Garver (Minneapolis, MN)
You know when you meet an english person and they act all superior and you wish you had a long list of reasons why they should not be so full of themselves? This is that book.

By Abby Morgan (Brooklyn, NY)
I decided to pick up a copy of The Evil Empire after I saw all the publicity the book was getting (it was written up in Playboy, The Daily Mail, Radar and on The Richard and Judy Show in the UK). I was expecting it to be pretty boring but I was rolling on the floor laughing! Of course it's not supposed to be serious! I love how it's written with such a dry tone and the statements Grasse makes are so outrageous that it amazes me that anyone who's looked through it could ever mistake it for an academic or historical text. Satire, people! Satire! Also loved the illustrations.

By G. P. F. Falkenau
I bought this book in the expectation that it might contain useful information about a subject of some importance.From the foreward,written by an English woman,with apparently less knowledge of her country's past than would seem appropriate to her task,to Steven Grasse's series of rather weak jokes at the expense of the old country,this book is a serious disappointment.Apparently Grasse's motive in writing the book was the antipathy he had encountered to America and American's in the wake of his country's invasion of Iraq.Well if the best he can do is produce a rather silly tome at the expense of America's only major ally in that war,then I guess the French and the Germans can probably expect him to turn his attention to them next.His problem will be finding titles which would con his potential readers into buying his book.For anyone with a serious interest in the subject of colonialism this book is one to avoid

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