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Concert For Diana Used To Distract World From Reparations Payments

05.07.2007 - The New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – May 7, 2007 – According to the April 27th edition of The New York Times, there is a huge concert in Hyde Park planned to honor Princess Diana.

We can't help but wonder if our campaign for Britain to pay the world $58 trillion in reparations didn't have something to do with the planning of this July 1st event.

The Brits want to distract the world from thinking about the reasons why our demands for reparations make sense. They are trying to get sympathy thru the memory of Diana! That's why they've even booked a band called The Feeling and Andrew Lloyd Weber!

Well, we're not backing down. Diana was great. And we miss her too...but you still owe the world $58 trillion. Not even “A Candle In The Wind” will distract us from our true mission!

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