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Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 400 Years of Oppression By Visiting Jamestown

05.07.2007 - The Washington Post

Philadelphia, PA –Four hundred years ago, the British came to the New World. Along with them they brought slavery, oppression and enough disease to wipe of the native populations.

Kind of an odd thing for the Queen to want to celebrate, don't you think? Yet here she is, in America celebrating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.

The May 5th edition of The Washington Post reports that the Queen and her posse toured the settlement on Thursday and lots of people turned out to see them. Even Sam Running Deer McGowan, a member of the Mattaponi tribe, was there, dressed in full regalia – red and black face paint, buckskin garments, head shaved on both sides and a hawk’s claw dangling from his right ear.

McGowan says even though his people suffered tremendously he has no hard feelings. “We live and learn from mistakes,” acknowledging that the Indians’ welcome was not always warm.

Of course it wasn’t! We’re actually surprised that the Queen is even able to walk through Jamestown without getting pelted by gourds and turkeys. Where’s the outrage, people???

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