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Brits Destroy The Environment By Making Unnecessary Theme Park

05.08.2007 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia, PA – May 8, 2007 –Theme parks are supposed to be fun. American theme parks have roller coasters and other scary rides. When it’s for fun, it's ok to cut down virgin forests to build Cinderella's castle.

But according to the April 19th edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Brits are planning on ruining good farmland to build a theme park dedicated to the works of Charles Dickens---say WHAT? How the hell is that gonna be any freaking fun? Making rides out of quality books like “Jurassic Park,” we understand.... but a ride based on “Oliver Twist”????? What’s so exciting about that?

Brits, if you have so much money lying around that you can build really boring theme parks, then surely you can start paying the world the $58 trillion in reparations you owe us.

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