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Bris Steal American Jobs!

05.04.2007 - New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – May 4, 2007 – According to the April 5th edition of The New York Times, large hordes of so-called British actors are coming to America to steal coveted acting roles.

Read the article here: The New York Times

This was further documented in an April 8th article in the New York Times called BRITISH ACTING IS ONE THING, ACTING BRITISH IS ANOTHER. This article stated that the actors coming to our shores to steal American jobs aren't even that good. Instead, they use their weasel-like charms to seduce casting directors, etc.

This scares us. Is it some sort of plot to subvert the messages Hollywood dispenses to the public? Is the thinking that if the roles are filled with Brits, we won't make films that expose the truth of their bloody past?

Well, Britain, we’re on to you. It’s time for reparations!!!

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