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Brits Belittle African Americans By Making Fun of Their Art Form

05.04.2007 - The New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – May 4, 2007 – African Americans are proud of their Hip Hop. A true American art form that has become a multi-billion industry and a source of intense pride all across America.

But, the Brits just can't respect that and and blatantly make fun of it whenever they can.

Case in point - according to the April 13th edition of The New York Times , they've created a character named MC NUTS, a zany squirrel that goes around "RAPPING" the poems of Wordsworth.

MC NUTS? Is that some kind of racial slur? Are they saying that African Americans are NUTS?

This is total disrespect for our culture. What if we had some fat dudes in South Philly belch God Save the Queen.

Read the article here: The New York Times

Yet another reason we demand reparations...$58 trillion, to be exact.

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