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Not Only Do I Want My Reparations Check, I Want My Money Back!


Philadelphia, PA – May 3rd, 2007 –I went to see a "comedy" movie called “Hot Fuzz” last night. It SUCKED! As just about all British movies do.

It was right up there with the freaking “The Full Monty.” Yes, that painful. And just as painful as any Hugh Grant movie.

The humor is just too broad and happy-go-lucky. Trying way too hard to satisfy a mass audience. Golly gee whiz, guys!

America just seems to do comedy much, much better. Take “Blades of Glory” with Will Ferrell, for instance...just as broad, but someone actually funny.

So, if it's British and you know British movies suck, then why did you pay $10 to see it, you may ask?

Because it was done by the same dude who did “Shaun of the Dead”...which actually was pretty good....but, then again, it's hard to fuck up a zombie movie, now isn't it?

Anyway, when you write me a check for reparations, would you please include an extra $10 as a refund for “Hot Fuzz?”...and it you could, find a way to give me my 2 hours back.

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