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British Yobs Terrorize Eastern Europe

05.02.2007 - Wall Street Journal

Philadelphia, PA – May 2nd, 2007 –According to the April 10th edition of the Wall Street Journal, drunken British idiots have been terrorizing poor unsuspecting Eastern European countries with outrageous bachelor parties.

Read the article here: Wall Street Journal

This is a new form of colonialistic terroism. And it is extrememly demeaning to these poor people who have only recently been freed from the yoke of communism.

The article in the WSJ talks of how Brits roll into these poor villages and completely disrespect local customs. A new form of Hooliganism to be sure!

Again, something must be done to humble these out-of-control nation of sociopaths. And we believe the remedy is REPARATIONS!

If you want yours then visit our website at and sign the petition to get paid! And make sure to pick up a copy of “The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores and online April 23rd, 2007. Visit for a sneak preview, press and enhanced features.

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