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Worldwide Movement to Teach Kids True History Is Resisted In England’s Evil Empire

04.30.2007 - The Economist

Philadelphia, PA – April 30, 2007 - According to the March 17th issue of The Economist, a worldwide movement has erupted to teach children the true stories of their nation's past. For instance, in Ireland, they are teaching children more about the awkward episodes of civil unrest that came after the Easter Rebellion of 1916. For years the rivalry between nationalist groups in 1922-23 were just airbrushed away.

Likewise, in Australia, students are now learning just how terribly their ancestors treated the aborigines.

But not in England - oh, no, there they still teach generation after generation that their bloody imperialistic conquests were somehow good for the world. This would explain why the International Coalition for British Reparations gets many letters from school children perplexed as to why someone would actually think that what England did in Rhodesia could be considered bad. Or why we might possibly think that England has anything to do with the current situation in the Middle East.

British schools arrogantly still teach that their Evil Empire was good for the world. And this needs to change. And the only way to change it is with reparations. Only when England pays up that $58 trillion dollars they owe the world will we begin to believe that they’re actually trying to right the wrongs they’ve committed over the past 500 years.

Come on, England – do it for the kids!

Look for “The Evil Empire – 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores everywhere on April 23, 2007.

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