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Simon Cowell Threatens To Quit Idol Because, Like Most Brits, He Can’t Handle Democracy and American-Style Freedom!

04.27.2007 - New York Times

Philadelphia, PA According to the April 4, 2007 edition of the New York Times, Simon Cowell, the nasty Brit who crushes children's dreams weekly, has threatened to quit the show AMERICAN IDOL if Sanjaya Malakar ends up winning this season's big prize.

What's wrong, Simon, you can't deal with democracy? There is no Queen here. There is no House of Lords. In America, the people get what the people want. And if we want Sanjaya, so be it.

This just proves that the British are so used to getting what they want by force and by imperialism, that if democracy is a play, they just can't handle it. They quit in a hissy fit. They run screaming back to England in their too tight t-shirts that show some hefty man-boobs.

Or is there racism at play here? Is it that Sanjaya is part Indian and, as a Brit, you can't stand what Sanjaya stands for? He represents the loss of empire. The loss of self-esteem. He also represents how successful American has been welcoming other cultures.

Either way Simon, thanks for proving once again that the British need to pay reparations.

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