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Keith Richards Proves British Are Still Cannibals

04.27.2007 - New York Times

Philadelphia, PA –According to the April 4, 2007 New York Times, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has made the stunning admission that he once snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine.

This disturbing news serves as proof to accusations made in a controversial new book EVIL EMPIRE: 101 WAYS THE BRITAIN RUINED THE WORLD by American historian Steven Grasse, that the British are descended from cannibals.

This prominent Englishman's confession that he still likes to consume humans proves Grasse's book is accurate.

"If someone as wealthy and refined as Mr. Richards is still a cannibal, just think of what the average English person is up to?" says author Steven Grasse.

Just another reason why the world demands pay up, England!

Look for “The Evil Empire – 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores everywhere on April 23, 2007. Visit for excerpts, media and other vital information to help further the cause of securing that reparations check for $8,350!

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