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Youtube Comments - England: Evil Empire - Stolen Treasures

04.16.2007 - Youtube

bullseye2121 (5 days ago)
Hmm ok, right we found most of the artifacts we have within the museum if we didn't find them no doubt they would still be buried up to this day. Also wtf are you on about as if America doesn't have artifacts from our country or other countries i mean come on. Piratically all the things America has in it museums are from other countries.

rulebritannia1 (5 days ago)
We got them from territory which was OURS and it's a museum each and every museum in the world has treasures that don't belong to them. You are so deluded, in America you have a twin obelisk to the one that stands in London why don't you give that back as it was stolen from Egypt

rulebritannia1 (5 days ago)
And you say England won't give them back yet that is the BRITISH museum you also showed treasure that was found in Britain and congratulations on being able to use a thesaurus.

Major1862 (4 days ago)
Reperations guy, why do you never respond to comments on your videos or talk page...SCARED???

hmmcrunchy (4 days ago)
he/she knows if they get drawn into a proper debate, none of their rediculous theories and total ignorance of history as a whole will stand up to questioning.

theshale (4 days ago)
And can you please tell me what the Elgin Marbles were being used for before the British Museum acquired them and preserved them for future generations?

The Elgin Marbles were being used by the greek militia of that time for target practice with their rifles, look it up.

hmmcrunchy (4 days ago)
britishreparations it is a bit pathetic to slag off the british just because the american attempt to form a great empire has so far managed to bungle several invasions of iraq. and get kicked out of vietnam.

scratching50 (5 hours ago)

to be honest, these treasures woulb be taken better care of and appreciated more at the british museum than were they came from

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