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Youtube Comments: Fight Breaks Out Over England

04.08.2007 - Youtube

hooverdamman (3 weeks ago)
There are no British there - that guy in the glasses in a NERD.

theshale (3 weeks ago)
erm...where is this 'fight' breaking out over England then?

All I saw was a bunch of homosexuals being told to fuck off.

Major1862 (3 weeks ago), exactly what i saw too!!!

HailToTheSkunk (3 weeks ago)
Why don't these people get that Scotland is in England.... Lol these bitches call that a fight and the guy that they put the British flag on clearly was American

phillipdaly (3 weeks ago)
scotland is in england?

HailToTheSkunk (3 weeks ago)
sorry typo '' why don't these people get that scotland is in Britain''

colin164 (2 weeks ago)

HailToTheSkunk (2 weeks ago)
I've already said that it was a and a half million Scottish people have family connections in England that's almost half the population so I don't know why u think most Scottish h8 English bcoz its not true

colin164 (2 weeks ago)
If the do, its because many have moved there. for work or something. And 1,5 mil is not even almost half of our population. I think many Scots dont like England because I know!! I dont think you realise.

HailToTheSkunk (2 weeks ago)
My parents are Scottish they are form the isle of Sky, I have family in Aberdeen, Skye, Glasgow and Inverness I go up often and nobody is never anti English.

colin164 (2 weeks ago)
Not everyone hates england.but I dont think u realise how many do

callumbus (3 weeks ago)
er that guy with the british flag over his face is american for fuck sake

ryanstock1983 (3 weeks ago)
This was awful even by the standard of this organisation. Hoping to curry favour by claiming to by Jersey-Irish and hating England. What a balanced view! A fight didn't break out over England, you Amerians and your drugs tut tut.

oliverbergan (3 weeks ago)
fucking yanks

richiesking (1 week ago)
what a bunch of losers.

gangstaview (1 week ago)
OK, well if you hate england unlucky! you wouldnt even be here if it wasnt for us anyway! oh and by the way your parliament costs twice as much as ours and it isnt even independant.!! suck that shit scotty

DW01 (23 hours ago)
Well, I'm English and Proud!

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