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Youtube Comments: Even More Leters From Angry Brits

04.16.2007 - Youtube

theshale (1 week ago)
Keep em coming! We love seeing faked shit like this.
I know Americans have a reputation for being dumber than dogshit but I can't believe you're stupid enough to post up Amatuerish slander like this!?
Thanks guys, saves us the job of exposing this organisation for the joke it is.

HailToTheSkunk (3 days ago)
I wonder who's getting the profit from the book :b

boredcloud (2 days ago)
If we went around demanding each nation pay reparations for damage caused the whole world would be a financial nightmare. Can you imagine Britain suing Italy for stuff the Romans did? We did do a lot of bad stuff, but we helped people too. We helped to modernise nations that hadn't changed since the bronze age and stop tribes fighting against each other. We set up trade, government, art, literature and culture.

bullseye2121 (2 days ago)
True this guy just doesn't understand that without the British empire there would be no internet, computers etc. There would also be no America, They only thin i am ashamed of what my country did was found America.

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