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England Responds To America’s Demand For Reparations By Sending Us Beckham


Philadelphia, PA – April 16, 2007 – The British think they can solve all of their problems with pop stars and celebrities.

Bono's PROJECT RED seems to be covering for the mess England's colonial past made of Africa.

Same with Bob Geldolf's pop concerts for starving kids.

And Chris Martin's non-stop whining about everything.

Distract the world from all the evils you've done as a nation by singing us a little pop ditty.

Well, it's not going to work with their latest ploy to make the world forget their imperial exploits.

They’re sending us David Beckham and his stick-figure wife....and we're going to respond with indifference. Because, you see, this time things are different. Instead of pop stars, we now want money - $51 trillion to be exact.

That's $8350 for every man woman and child - you can buy a lot of Happy Meals with that kind of cash.

Look for “The Evil Empire – 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores everywhere on April 23, 2007.

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