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Bono Pops Boner Over Knighthood

04.12.2007 - New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – April 12, 2007 –According to the New York Times, March 30th, Irish rock star Bono was knight of the British Empire.

Wait a minute; is this the same Bono that is trying to help the little children in Africa? The same little children that are suffering because of the selfish greedy acts of the British Empire?

Are we the only ones seeing the hypocrisy here?

Britain colonized Africa causing much of the misery that is going on in that continent today.

And isn't this the same Bono that sang SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY about the TROUBLES in Northern Ireland...that were causes by the British!

Bono accepting this Knighthood is a total mind fuck!

And to make it even worse, the Queen didn't even give it to him, because he isn't British enough for her. So his knighthood is only half-assed.

Please, Sir Bono, come back from the Dark Side and fight with us for reparations. With the $8,350 that is due to every non-English man, woman and child we can run out and buy more Project Red iPods and Gap shirts!

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