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Hermione Learns To Just Say No To England’s Evil Empire


Philadelphia, PA – April 10, 2007 – What could be more symbolically British than Harry Potter?

Which is precisely why Emma Watson, the lovely girl who plays Hermione in the subversively occult Harry Potter movies, is reportedly packing it in and giving it up. That's right, she's quitting Harry Potter for good!

It would appear to us that she is tired of being associated so prominently with the world's most all-time evil nation state. Perhaps she no longer wants to be the poster child for 500 years of global misrule.

And maybe, just maybe, she feels just a wee bit guilty for leading millions of innocent children away from god and into the arms of witchcraft....and SATAN!

Perhaps now the lovely Emma will join us in our global struggle for truth, justice and reparations!

Look for “The Evil Empire – 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores everywhere on April 23, 2007.

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The International Coalition for British Reparations (ICBR) is a think tank of British foreign policy headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where America's split with Britain began in 1776. Founded on July 4, 2006, we have members all over the world.

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